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I’ve tried, used many social media marketing tools but none of them have sticked with me as long as Viraltag has.

Maybe this is because the social media tool is especially for sharing visuals which is the base of what I do when it comes to social media.

I do a ton of Pinterest marketing. or the fact that it’s very affordable and still gets the job done or the simple user interface that’s very easy to use.

I can’t exactly pin point what my favorite feature about this tool is.

I have not gone a day without logging into my viraltag account to schedule posts and it’s crazy how this tool takes a huge workload off my hands for it’s price.

In this post I’m going to share with you four of my favorite features on Viraltag so if you do Instagram marketing, Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing, Pinterest marketing..

This tool is for you 😋😊

Click here to try viraltag free for 14 days, no obligations or credit card required.

Without wasting time, here are 4 things I like about Viraltag, These four features help me:

  • Gain more followers
  • Drive more traffic to my blogs thereby making me more money
  • And most importantly saves me countless of hours 🙂

Here we go:

1. It’s So Easy to Schedule Posts to Your Preferred Social Media

With it’s simple interface and different ways you can schedule posts along side a hardworking team that designs and deploys new features to an already working tool, It’s explosively crazy.

This tool simply gets the job done.

viraltag interface

If you’ve gotten into the zone like I have (Subscriber for over two years) You’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Take a look at the simple interface and how easy it is to create and schedule post across your connected social media accounts, Sweet!

2. Pricing, And Unlimited Posts

I’m not a spammer but I post near 260 reasonable pins on Pinterest per day.

This is due to the amount of group boards I contribute to by the way.

Most tools like viraltag will overcharge me for this cause their pricing is based on amount of social media posts per month, that sucks.

viraltag plans

With viraltag I just pay around $10 per month on the blogger plan, It lets me connect up to three social media accounts then I’m good to go.

No silly emails during the course of the month that I’ve reached limit for my plan or anything.

This is freedom at it’s finest and I love viraltag for this.

3. Boards List Feature

You may not find this interesting if you don’t do Pinterest marketing.

Remember I mentioned up there that I contribute to a lot of group boards, well they’re over 140 and I have to post to them every single day.

If I want to drive traffic to my blogs and make money from them.

When it’s time to schedule imagine how selecting 100+ boards for queue sounds like, tough work? Big work.

The boards list feature simply helps me organize my boards into one category or should I say different categories.

For example below are the boards in the health category as I have configured them 🙂

viraltag boards list

When I try to schedule a pin and the dialogue shows up, I have to select every board one by one. That’s a pain in the ass.

This feature just saves me the stress there so next time I just chose which category of boards I wish to send my pins to and all boards are set and good to go.

viraltag boards list

Like so, great feature.

4. Good Support

Nothing beats having a good product and a great support system to go with.

This helps to answer queries and help subscribers out with challenges.

These guys have this one.

So even if you’re hesitant on if you’ll understand this tool, you can always reach out to the support team and get attended to promptly.

If you’re familiar with using other social media tools, you shouldn’t have issues with this one however if you do get stuck, you can relax cause you’ll get help in no time 😋

Alright guys, its a wrap for this one.

Thanks for reading thus far, don’t forget to click here to get you your own free viraltag account.

Leave a comment if you’re not sure about anything and don’t forget to share with your friends.

See you on the other side 😇

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