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You must be wondering, so how does that concerns me? Or better still.. What does that have to do with me?

Well almost everything.

First I wanted to arrange the words, letters S.H.I.T, turn them into an abbreviation and give em some kind of lame attributes like S for Strength or Stamina or Sh*t itself then I for intolerance, incentive, i-robot lol or some sort.

I can’t even think anything nice to fix in those four words as I write this post but you will be a part of it, a part of my journey as I get my shyt together cause you must read my blog oh.

After all you are reading this post so that means I’m eating your time. So allow me to introduce myself and show you how not so put together my shyt is.

Before I get started, I just wanted to make sure you know that even after all these? There are trickles, not one not two but many trickles of happiness in me… so here we go.

My name is Babs…

You know that’s where came from. I’m this focused playful somebody, let me not dive into what I am, as we go on in this blog journey, you’ll figure it all out.

So one time, around the end of last year I started drafting a plan for myself, a way out as I have just moved into my own rented apartment and I have a whole new life ahead of me now… It can’t be as messed up as before anymore.

This issa new chapter.

I’m fund of doing things halfway and well just let it slide or get away… Sometimes it’s good for me when I stop halfway and well vice versa.

I just laugh when I remember some of the things I said I was going to do back then and oh well, I’ll name a few like when…

I said I was going to publish at least once a week on this blog

or twice on anything business, thoughts, lifestyle, even more. Please ask me how that’s working out for me.

Never mind, I’ll tell you. This is the first post I’ll be publishing in over two months, if not three, Wow.. And believe me I had already written some nice posts just sitting down here in the back-end for exactly how long again?

Hold on as I’m trying to remember…

….. Oh yes I just did, over two months… A few days from three. oh oh how about that time when

I said I was going to read at least one book a month

Just nice books that I’ve been hearing about. Anything related to self-help, faith or adventure, entrepreneurial and business related books.

I know it’s going to be a struggle and I had to work hard but…

I did pick up a book, that very popular one titled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad“. Guess how long it took me to finish that book, let’s see.. Got it in mid August 2017 and just finished on 28th February 2018.

simpson meme

Please do the calculation for me, I’m not feeling fine.

I do remember when l decided to

Start calling everyone that matters to me more often

Like twice in a month or something.

My cousin (good guy, not really my cousin though, see its complicated) topped that list and guess when last I called him, NEVER.

That’s a big fat never, not that I’m proud of it or something but that shyt just keeps getting away from me like I’ll do it tomorrow, there’s still time.

bla bla bla… till time go go go….

I also said I was gonna get off bed very early in the morning at least twice a week to go for a run

I cannot come and go and kee myself, I have to be fit… In this life, I cannot carry last, I just cannot.

Well the last time I went for one was December 1st 2017 and this is March 11, 2018.

Don’t judge me, I’m not the worst.

big stomach
MCsaurus – DeviantArt

Atleast I decided to do something about fitness and my growing belly if I no wan go run and that’s…

I decided not to eat anything after 7 PM

Well that’s not even possible from the scratch.

Every inch of my apartment is laced with food, edibles. My empty school bags, fridge, fridge top, shelf, table, even wordrobe sometimes have something inside it.

This is not always so but sometimes it is.

I remember the last time I took a pee break from sleep around 1 AM, as I was coming back to bed, I just heard the bread calling me…

I went there, took a big bite, went back to the fridge top and scooped a spoonful of milk and flushed it down with a cold cold bottle of water (another thing I decided not to do).

Don’t even let me get started on the rest

Because they are too many.

Anyways I’m taking a stand sorta, and I hope this time… I’ll actually be able to get my shyt together.

I’ll start writing again on this blog and finish the series I started on how bloggers make money online and how you can too.

I’ll try to get some exercise.

I’ll read.

I’ll get better

I’ll live.

Ehn ehn, you didn’t even ask me what I’ve now been doing since all these days then :p

Well I’ve actually been putting my skills to work, making money from my sites, going to the cinemas, falling in love again… Those sound like stuff someone with their shyt together do abi.

Don’t mind me.

Thank you for reading, expect more stuff.

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  1. Better just force yourself to do something and stop this lamentation. Someone is somewhere waiting for you, to inspire them.

    • Haha.. I know right?

      Thanks for bouncing in, I am just seeing this comment 🙂

      Thank you.

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