2 Simple Ways to Learn Digital Marketing In Nigeria

Learn digital marketing in nigeria

Ever since I was young and gained knowledge of what the Internet is, I knew it was the future. Something in me just knew that “Dude, you gotta learn how online, digital marketing works”.

And so I’ve spent the last five years learning, perfecting every digital marketing skill I know. From social media marketing to search engine optimization to email marketing, Fam 🙌 I know more than a thing or two about these forms of online marketing.

If you’re here reading this post I take it that you’re interested in learning how online marketing works, well this is one of the best times to look into it.

Even after publishing the online marketing basics where I shared every form of digital marketing I could think of and explained the terms, It still won’t suffice if you’re planning to make a career out if Internet marketing so I thought to write about two reliable ways to learn digital marketing in Nigeria (You should read this post BTW.

A while back I published an infographic on Instagram highlighting the most sought after, high paying jobs going forward in 2019, Take a look.

In case you aren’t familiar with this list.. 92% of the skills on this list are digital marketing skills. Want to know the best part? These online marketing skills can be acquired easily but you really have to open your mind and calm your brain down.

Anyways these are the two Simplest ways to acquire online marketing skills in Nigeria plus my recommendation at the end, let’s get started.

1. Use The Internet

There are thousands of resources online to help you learn a thing or two about digital marketing.

In fact they are in different forms such as:

  • Videos
  • Articles, blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Courses
  • Podcasts
  • Books and so on.

And you can easily find them using search engines such as Google. Even a simple search will expose you to thousands of videos creators have made explaining the different forms of online marketing.

It’s sweet to know that you don’t need to pay any dime if you go this route however it could take longer for you to get something if you’re not so good with self-learning and grabbing things fast on your own.

In fact, you’ve seen how I said above that it has taken me over five years to learn everything I know on my own and I’m still learning. So if you’ve got no money, a lot of time and don’t mind waiting also don’t need the skills to necessarily make money, This is the route to go.

You can start by using

2. Attend A Training

I’d recommend attending a class or two on digital marketing in Nigeria✌️

If you’re hoping to grab something fast and put it to good use. Also, another benefit is that you get to learn with a group of like-minded people who want to learn digital marketing like you.

While you can’t learn everything there is to know via training like that these that takes one to three days max, it is a perfect start cause it usually introduces you to digital marketing and what it’s about.

You’ll learn terms, tactics and the different forms of online marketing you can always sharpen later by reading, studying or practicing. In fact classes like these help you ask questions and provides you with someone to answer them, mostly your instructor(s).

Attending a digital marketing training also gives you that keen edge over others who are still using the Internet to sort themselves out and makes you even more serious, cause you paid for it.

So What Do I Recommend?

Glad you asked.

I’ll keep it short. If you don’t have much budget and really not looking to make that much of a career out of digital marketing or money then you should go for the free part of learning online marketing.

Using the Internet and its resources. This has one or two benefits such as you don’t have to pay a dime and there’s no limit to how much knowledge you can consume. That’s how I learnt.. A good place to start is to read my digital marketing basics post, you can also ask questions there.

However getting serious will require you attend some training at first to equip you with almost everything you need to get started with digital marketing.

You get a headstart over others who are still trying to make sense of the wide array of information available on the Internet.

So, Babs, You Got Any Digital Marketing Training In Mind to Recommend?

Also glad you asked that.

While almost everyone out there with little knowledge about how marketing online in Nigeria works is organizing one thing or the other to teach digital marketing after all its forms are one of the highest paid skills this year.

I cannot speak for all the training out there but I can vouch for Tunny Ogunnowo’s Digital Marketing Training Class(s).

He organizes them thrice or four times a year and you need to take it once to get a good grasp of what digital marketing is and how to make sense of it.

Tunny is my personal friend. We talk almost every day, it would’ve been every day if not for the fact that the guy is proud 😏 but he is good, very good and has earned several awards as a result of organizing training like these.

There is a page to get all the info you’ll need about the classes. It’s at

I’ve inspected it myself and it has everything you’ll need including a “Where did you hear about this training?” Just put in Babs.

While I cannot tell if the class is open for registration as you are reading this but as at this time, its open now and will commence January 26th and 27th 2019.

All you need do is click the link above to get started. I trust you’ll be in good hands.

In conclusion, it’s been fun working online, really. For me, it’s freedom.

I just stay in the house and do my thing.. Convert my skills to money and everyone’s happy.

If you’re planning to learn a skill or two in 2019, please please… Let it be a high income one like Social media marketing or any form of online marketing, really.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @imthatbabs, click on the bell icon on your screen to get hooked with notifications when I publish something néw and hesitate not, to leave a comment below.


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    1. I’m interested in social media marketing ooo, how can I learn it Babs?

      1. Well Melody, have you tried putting together some of the pieces of information you’ve found on the Internet as regards social media marketing?

        Also have you defined your aim? Wanna sell something? Wanna help other brands? Also you know its just using social media for marketing purposes right?

        Its marketing but just done differently well cause its the Internet.

        If you have some spare money though, I’d totally recommend the training in this post… Although won’t give you a full knowledge of social media at a go.. But its a good start then you continue on your own.

        That helps? If not.. You can always ask more questions. I am more than happy to help 😎

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