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Well this is kinda weird, I never thought that in my life that I would wish someone happy birthday on this blog but since you guys are special especially Kenny, what the heck.

Besides I’ve known you guys to be people person especially Kenny and people would’ve flooded your timeline, whatsapp status and the rest with in addys, birthday wishes e.t.c Honestly? I’m not ready to compete with those guys hence this post.

Let me see which one of them has a fine blog like this one let alone wish you guys happy birthday on it. So here’s to both of you 🙂

kenny jolayemi

I pray that on this special day God blesses you, keeps you strong and alive… You’ll not fall, you’ll not falter.

His goodness and mercy continues to be with you as always. I’ve always admired both of you especially Kenny (Sorry about the especially Kenny thing but she’s the one I know very well). In the short time that I got to know Taiwo she was sweet as well.

God keep that sweetness in both your lives. You’ll flourish, thrive, your light will shine so bright among men… We’ll need Goggles to open our eyes around you. Our own light will shine so bright too sha 😉

We’ve come a long way, I believe we still have a long long way to go so hopefully we’ll let the dogs out next or the next birthday when the both of you are actually around, in Lagos. SMH for the two of you by the way, for choosing to go to school so far away.

Anyhow, God’s got you two. Plenty love from here guys, plenty, especially for you, Kenny… You’re my personal person na <3

Keep living, and Thrive 🙂

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