3 Things You Must Do to Get Traffic From Pinterest

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You know I had to prep for Pinterest traffic at the beginning of this year and boy, it was easy and fun.

You see since the beginning of 2018, Pinterest has been responsible for 89% of traffic delivered to my websites and revenue, of course, is easily generated off such traffic really due to the fact that most visitors are from English speaking countries like the USA, the UK 🇬🇧 , and other top tier countries.

If you have Google Adsense or an alternative platform on your site, it is easy to make money off the Pinterest traffic coming to your site, however in the short time I’ve spent working with Pinterest and different sites, I literally mean many.. I’ve found that if you don’t have these three things in place, there’s some sort of limit on the amount, or your potential to drive traffic with Pinterest.

What are they? We’ll discuss shortly.

Over the years, Pinterest has grown to be one of the biggest traffic sources in the world. Just take a look at these stats: Pinterest marketing stats 2019 imthatbabs

So as said earlier, these are the three things I did to prep this blog and every website I work on for Pinterest traffic. Let’s get started.

1. Get Rich Pins

This is the first thing I do when working on a new site that needs Pinterest traffic to thrive.

Applying to get Rich pins for your website is a huge step in securing your own slice of the Pinterest pizza 🍕

While it’s only one part of the steps to take, it is very crucial. When new sites get pinned on Pinterest, they appear very basic and pull no details at all. Not even the page title or description.

Rich pins are what makes the difference. When you apply rich pins and get approved… Your blog posts can now display with titles and descriptions and a read more button which boosts CTR and increases your chances of getting traffic instantly.

Here’s how to get rich pins validated for your blog

First, you need to make sure your site already has some articles and at least one pin pinned to Pinterest. Done?

set up pinterest rich pin validation

Head over to Pinterest Rich Pin validator and input a link to any of your blog posts on there. Like below:

Press validate and Pinterest will have a look at your site and activate the service or what to do to make the service active for your blog, you’ll get an email.

2. Claim Your Site

A huge, huge step in increasing your potentials to drive traffic with Pinterest.

I’ve found that doing this alone doubles my chances of getting more traffic from Pinterest.

Claiming your website does add a zing to your pins that enable people see your data alongside your followers count and a follow button. Take a look at below 💪

You see this is not the only benefit, claiming your site also unlocks analytics, and more data for your pins like views and impressions, clicks and so on.

This step is important.

Here’s how to claim your website on Pinterest

I’d assume you have already added your site to your Pinterest settings so from there you just have to claim it.

Take a look at below, you’ll find this option within settings on your Pinterest menu.claiming your website on Pinterest

You have two options. I always go with adding the code within the <head> section of my site.

If done correctly, you’ll get a success email within 24 hours of adding the code. This step is very crucial to driving traffic via Pinterest and gaining more followers organically.

Let’s move on to the final stage of this article.

3. Attention Grabbing, Eye-Popping Pinterest Pin Designs

Looking all delicious, colorful, bold and stands out.

This part not only triples your chances of driving high-quality traffic from Pinterest, it alongside the options above open doors for you to be more trusted in the eyes of pinners. Like this one 🙂

Increasing your Pinterest traffic

You’ll be perceived an authority, expert, right away due to the quality of your pin designs. It will attract followers, visitors to your website and sales for your products.

I’ve spent the past years creating pins… In fact I even offer it as a service on Fiverr and have got quite a handful of sales. (Go buy it now if you need it 😉) I’ve created almost 1000 unique pins from the scratch and distributed over 100,000 of them to several boards for traffic purposes so trust me, I do know what I’m talking about.

Here’s how to make quality pins that attract people

In bullet points.

  • Use big bold fonts on your images.
  • Experiment, play around with colors. but stick to one or two to maintain your profile aesthetic.
  • DIY using photoshop or other related software from the scratch, you can also use tools like but the pins won’t be unique as they’re made from templates.
  • Hire someone to make your pins (E.G me, my team members handle this under my supervision, Contact me now).
  • Have a template or create one for your pins and maintain that consistency ⚠️

In conclusion, although other factors that affect your maximum potentials to drive traffic from Pinterest such as posting times, quantity, niche, group boards you participate in, hashtags are still there and those needs sorting out.

So it will require you keep learning beyond this article, doing these three things however will shoot up your traffic from Pinterest almost immediately but you have to put in the work as well in the area of your pin designs and engaging on the platform.

I’m available to take questions or any Pinterest related services you might want to discuss.. Simply contact me or use the comment form and I’ll be in touch.

Until next time, peace ✌️

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    1. Wow! Piece is awesome. I got confused when I wanted to claim my website by adding the URL on the headsection of my blog… Can you give a little more info about that?

      1. Add the given HTML Code within the head section of your site.

        I would’ve been able to give you directions hands off but as you use blogger, You’d have to google how to find bloggers head section within its files and add the code there then submit for approval.

        Thanks for your comment.

    2. Hey Babs,
      I’m glad I found your blog and thank for engaging on my blog earlier. That’s how I got here and it looks pretty awesome and the kind of place I’d like to be always.

      I’m just my second month as a serious pinner and have gone through these 3 steps. I have a tech background so they were quite simple and took me a couple of minutes.

      Of course I mean the first two.

      Creating those Eye candy pins is what I’m working on now. I see I get better day-by-day. Canva is a huge platform. I use that with my desktop image app. In the next few months, I should be doing great.

      Two other thing are consistency and SEO. These make your pin go viral as you don’t have to only depend on your profile and board followers.

      I’m going straight to locate you on Pinterest after this comment. I don’t know if we already follow each other. But that should happen moving forward.

      Happy New Year man

      1. Yo Enstine,

        Thanks for stopping by, you have an awesome blog! Being following you since like forever.

        Glad you liked this post. Actually, I spent the whole of 2018 pinning and learning the curves. In fact, it is safe to admit that last year I designed over 1000 pins for all my websites combined and experimented with quite a few niches and group boards to unlock what works and what doesn’t on Pinterest.

        Course I don’t know it all but one thing I’ve found out is that without these three things listed above? The chances of getting more traffic from Pinterest is just pffffft!

        You talked about consistency and SEO, and they are so true. While I haven’t figured the SEO part all the way, I can vouch for consistency all the time.

        Once I receive the follow notification on Pinterest, it’s impossible not to follow a blogging icon like you back.

        Thanks for stopping by and happy new year to you too bro.

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