How to Get Out Of Instagram Shadow-Ban

how to get out of instagram shadow ban

Did your Instagram engagement just dropped all of a sudden by almost 89%? You’re probably shadow banned.

Found out none of your posts are nowhere to be found on Instagram hashtags pages even though you added the hashtags? Shadow banned ❎

Less traffic and everything just sucks? You probably have been shadow-banned 🤪.

While I don’t think this is an official term for being temporarily locked out of Instagram’s goodies, good thing is you can get out of Instagram shadow-ban eventually but nobody can say how long it will last as the algorithm Instagram uses isn’t out there and we haven’t really been able to figure it out.

The bad thing however is during that time when you’re shadow banned, everything’s just going to look messy and upside down the especially if you;

  • Don’t have a lot of followers and rely on hashtags for wider reach (Like me).
  • Use Instagram for business (like me).
  • Can’t bear the risk of having your account disabled totally.

Also you can speed up the process of getting your Instagram unshadow-banned. We’ll get to that soon.

What is Instagram Shadow Ban?

As mentioned earlier, I am not sure this is an official term and just as it sounds, it’s some sort of partial, temporary ban that will be placed on your Instagram for a while and can be lifted although we can’t say for how long.

How long it lasts can totally depend on you and what you can do to make this situation go away.

The way this works is that all the natural ways your account can get traction on Instagram which is almost nothing especially if you don’t use ads is taken away and you may not even notice this unless you really look into it.

Instagram doesn’t have a menu option or settings that tells you you’ve been shadow banned or something like that, Last time it happened to me… It didn’t feel alright throughout that phase. At all 😢 how to get out of instagram shadow ban

What Causes Instagram Shadow-Ban?

Again, while Instagram is being quiet about this, it’s quite understandable but some speculations have been make and most of them are actually correct on what can get you shadow banned on Instagram.

Some of them include:

  • Using banned hashtags in your posts.
  • Repeating hashtags in your posts.
  • Using automated tools on your account to cheat the system.
  • Doing an action too fast. Could be following people, unfollowing, sending DMs and so on.
  • Permit me to also add inactive and inconsistency. This should also be looked at.

Basically anything that can make you look bad in the eyes of the regularly updated Instagram algorithm.

So let’s say you’ve done one of these two things, and your engagement went poof, we’d just assume you’ve been hammered.

How to Get Out of Instagram Shadow Ban?

When this happened to my business account, I panicked alot. I reached out to my friends who knew more about Instagram more than I do.

I searched on Google, visited quora, infact reddit that I barely visit wasn’t left out of the search in the quest for getting my account released from the deadly, cold hands of Instagram shadow-banned feature.

While the points below are not confirmed by Instagram and are just things I read and practised, Here are a few things that can speed up your release:

  • Stay away from hashtags for the moment.
  • Since using banned hashtags or repeating them can get you shadow banned, consider removing them from the the last 10 posts or more that you’ve made.. I did this especially.
  • Stop using bots to try to cheat the Instagram system.
  • Stop doing things too fast or unnaturally to gain traction.

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