Digital (Online) Marketing: The Basics & Everything You Need to Know

Digital (Online) Marketing: The Basics Im that Babs
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The era of digital marketing is here and whether you like computers, gadgets, social media e.t.c or not, you just have to adapt or at least have a few tricks up your sleeve especially if you’re going to sell something.

You’ll need the skills or at least some basic understanding of how digital marketing works.

My introduction or even writing game is not even close to being as good as it was, apparently, you can get rusty from not writing for so long.

Infact I have been postponing writing this digital marketing basics article but it’s something I must do. Digital marketing is a very very wide topic. People spend thousands to hundreds of thousands to acquire different digital marketing skills.

I’ll run through everything digital marketing in this post and show you places to further take your training. Let’s get started.

What is Digital Marketing?

This is quite easy. Digital marketing is the use of electric technology devices for marketing purposes. This term is often confused with online marketing which we’ll get to shortly and mostly be talking about.

Digital marketing infers to marketing using technology channels which could be the electronic powered billboards you see every now and then in cities, TV adverts, online channels such as social media, emails and so on.

So whatever it is you’re selling or services that you’re offering, using any channel that differs from the traditional mouth to mouth marketing, flyers and banner marketing can be referred to as digital marketing, although not all.  Let’s talk online marketing now, shall we?

Digital (Online) Marketing: The Basics Pinterest

What is Online Marketing?

Very simple.

Marketing using online channels. I’ve mentioned this above several times.

But then you see the issue with these two forms of marketing is that as the day goes by they require more money and creativity to pull off but when done effectively? Can bring about massive ROI.

The Different Forms of Online Marketing

As mentioned earlier, Online marketing is humongous.

Further divided into different online channels you can market on, I tried to list everything below.

I. Social Media Marketing

Also tagged SMM refers to the use of social media websites, platforms for marketing. FYI there are tons of social media platforms out there and different rules of engagements.

So any platform you’re choosing as a base to market on, you must study it very well. Here are some of them.

  • Facebook Marketing: The use of Facebook for marketing purposes. It will be crazy not to market whatever you’re selling or offering on Facebook with it’s over 1 billion users. The ways to gain traction on this platform is by posting a fine mix of pictures, videos especially viral videos and paying for ads to get your posts shown to more people. It is usually cheap.
  • Twitter Marketing: Another platform with up to 500 million users worldwide to tap into. Hashtags and creative use of the limited number of tweet characters come into play here. Also, savagery can attract people to your stuff on this profile.
  • Instagram Marketing: This is a must for everyone in 2018 and beyond. Instagram is just too big to ignore as marketers. Creatively share videos,  pictures of what you’re up to… Use nice captions and be smart with hashtags.
  • Pinterest Marketing: I’m very vast on this one. Pinterest generated 69% of my total income in 2018. The use of Pinterest for marketing is very crucial. It usually starts with creating an account, pinning ideas that link back to your website for people to see what you’re about (This is a big one for me).
  • WhatsApp Marketing: Did you know you can use WhatsApp for more than just chatting up your friends and family. You can use the platform to showcase what you’re selling or the services you’re offering. It’s very popular here in Nigeria and people make hundreds of thousands selling to their WhatsApp contacts.

And every other social media platform out there. I am trying to keep this article within minimal word count as we still have a lot to cover.

II. Video Marketing

Video is going to be big in 2019. The sooner you can realize that and jump on the bandwagon, the better. YouTube the king platform and haven of all video marketing has over a billion users, almost one-third of all people on the internet according to Blue Corona.

People log onto this platform every day to watch videos, see what they’re favorite figures, brands are up to.

Investing in videos at this time is not a miss at all.

YouTube isn’t the only platform your video marketing can happen, there is Facebook and also Instagram.

III. Search Engine Marketing

This is a very big one you shouldn’t bother to concern yourself with much if you’re not going to deep in online marketing.

It involves two main channels of using the search engines to market. The marketing aspects deal with mainly the paid parts like Ads and the free one involves optimization, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You most likely must have a website to want to dabble with this aspect of online marketing. SEO is big. It is divided into two: On-page and off-page SEO and further divided. You need to do a lot of reading and research for this one.

IV. Email Marketing

This involves the use of emails for marketing purposes. Building an email list of people who are interested in your business really want to hear from you NOT JUST BUYING or HARVESTING OTHER PEOPLE’S EMAILS OFF THE INTERNET AND SHOVING YOURSELF TO THEIR FACES.

Starting a newsletter and so on for marketing purposes.

When you build an email list, you have people to reach out to consistently about what you’re selling or up to.

V. Blog Marketing

I am not sure this is a thing but it involves building blogs, content websites and using them for marketing purposes.

Honest marketing purposes and not just to make a quick buck.

A lot of things go into this one because for your efforts to yield, you have to commit and be helpful to an extent, More on this one on my how bloggers make money series.

So Who Needs to Know About These Things

Honestly in this age that we are, everyone needs to know about online marketing.

Everyone just does, It’s the skill of the future. Thousands of people who are early adopters of this trend have been set for life as a result of learning the scope and taking quick actions.

As the first born in my dad’s family, it is my wish that every one of my siblings learns this online marketing. This is supposed to be a guide for my brothers but you all are seeing this.

It’s a very essential skill which mastered can open a sh*tload of doors for you. I am an example. You must’ve heard of people who have been made rich, or at least OK as a result of being MERE Instagram stars, Okay I guess we shouldn’t just call them MERE.

This post is a wakeup call as much as it is meant to let you know that it is not too late to get started.

In a bid to compress this post to less than 1000 words (currently at 1232 words) I have omitted some things here. If you have questions, suggestions, feedback on this post, I’m taking all of ’em and personally reply them in details.

Committed to helping out as much as I can. This is why I started this blog. Thanks for reading this one.

If you’re interested in learning how bloggers make money online and how you can make yours too.

You may want to start by reading my introductory post on how bloggers generate their revenues where I busted myths and explained some strange terms.

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