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Uhm, lets put it like this… 7 simple tips to make this December, a December to Remember (For Good) and not for the worst cause that could be a thing too.

Whoops, it’s that time of the year again where everything and everyone’s bubbling, kinda. Many, alot hustling to make Christmas super either legitimately or illegitimately…

It’s also that time of the year where it’s super cold and dry, dusty AF here 🙂 It’s that time of the year to play it safe and be smarter.

December is a power month in all our lives. In this month we think about everything the year has produced and make decisions to better the forthcoming year.

In a nutshell the month itself needs special attention, this is why I’m writing this post to uhm get a few points, tricks, tips, things to note across to us as we spend the last few days of the year, you ready?

1. Start Buying Everything You Need Now

Because everything’s soon gonna be super expensive and every-where’s soon gonna be jammed. If you’re just reading this article around December 24 or beyond them I’m sorry for you oh, anyways there’s December 2018 and beyond.

Since the year’s going to an end and well a lot of purchasing is gonna be done for the massive holiday(s), sellers like me 😀 tend to capitalize on this to rake in even more profit, however this isn’t always so. The hassles with purchasing goods in wholesales during this period isn’t easy either plus a lot of other factors should be considered in this case.

As I write this article, December 6th, things are already getting expensive and they’re expected to go higher. don’t forget congested.

If you’re always on a budget like me 🙁 this might be the time to start getting all you’ll need for the new year.. Petty things, even some big items you can get your hands on before the prices go well, outrageous or sold out. Got it? Lets move on.

2. Make Someone Smile This Season

Or a group of people and trust me automatically it comes back to you.

There are many ways you can do that, before I start to give you ideas, I know.. that you know how to better do this department.

make someone smile

People that are important you really didn’t reach out to this year or you know one way or the other something happened and the relationship isn’t like what it used to be before, how long is it gonna continue?

Now’s the time to you know… Make people happy, don’t get me wrong! You should make people happy all year long but I want, need you to capitalize on this December to seal a relationship rift, move closer to someone and many more.

Here are a couple of things I could think of at the moment to get this done:

  • Give or send a gift.
  • Make a phone call or small text message, it’s only 4 Naira.
  • Make an appearance.
  • Say something nice.
  • Go and eat their food.

These I have in mind for now, probably before I wrap up this article… I’d have thought of more and added to the list but trust me when I say you know better.

You know that person, you know what to do. Even the less privilege, don’t leave them out of this but be very careful about this one. C’mon don’t let the time you’ve spent reading this part of the article and the one I spent writing this part of the article go to waste. Do something.

As you plaster that small smile on someone Else’s face, so will it come gushing back on yours.

3. Go and Start Withdrawing Cash Now

Cause trust me it’s about to get scarce. Is it not Nigeria?

Lets get materialistic for now, It’s not everywhere or everything you need to buy that will take transfer or POS method of payment, you’ll need to spend that money in form of that raw paper too.

Well if you’re sitting there all comfy saying to yourself well if I need cash I’ll just go to the ATM machine to get it…

… Like I’ve been doing all year well I’m sorry for you but if you like long queues only for it to get to your turn and you see “Temporarily Unable to Dispense Cash” or Cash finish before it got to your turn and many other unfortunate ATM machine errors, I can’t even begin to think of the cash horror stories last year.

Eitherways be wise.

The more cash begins to leave the ATM machines and banking halls now the more they’ll be forced to put out there.

And if you’re the type that ain’t good with cash well see this as an opportunity to learn that discipline to be able to hold money and not mess up with it.

4. Be Extra Careful

Apart from the cash, price hike, and the scarcity horrors… The physical horrors tend to rear their heads up alot in this month. Here I’ll make this part of the post a Broadcast message my sister sent to me earlier this month. Here it is:

Security Tips. Please read through.
Here are latest ways to dupe people and get innocent people into trouble
1) fake pastors are now walking all over the place. They stop u and pray for u. Whilst praying they see a vision. (Usually they are scaring) They ask u to buy this and that and before u know it. You part with a lot of money and they rule your life. Whenever u see these so called men of GOD, take to your heals and run away. You will meet them in the buses, walking on the street and just anywhere.

2) You will see a young boy or girl crying on the street pretending he/ she have lost money. Pls don’t stop to help. As soon as you do some gangs will surround you and the child will say he worked for you and you have refused to pay him. Before you know it you are beaten or to avoid that, you will part with several thousands of Naira.

3) Never allow a stranger be it in a party or church to use your phone to make a call. That call can get u to jail. Yes i said JAIL. Its usually a network of kidnappers and thieves. They call their own handset and when caught your number is traced and police invite you before u know it, Na wahala .

4) Never be too quick to assist a stranger. Especially in an isolated area. They could be kidnappers. They ask u to help with an address they are holding. Whilst trying to read the address you would have sniffed a chemical and become drowsy. You get into their vehicle and you are gone for life.

5) Never give alms to just anyone without praying on the money. Some of these people begging for alms are witches or spiritualist. Be careful of whom u give money to personally.

6) Don’t allow strangers into your home at this season. Be careful of the new workmen you bring into your home. Be careful of the new friends your children bring home especially as Xmas is fast approaching.

7) Always insist that every family member MUST inform others of each others movement at all times especially our children. Addresses and phone numbers of friends being visited must be given to older members of the family especially parents, especially if you don’t know those friends or their parents.

8) Whenever u take a ride in an Uber or taxify send the details of the cab and driver to a family member or trusted friend. Don’t allow strangers call an Uber or taxify for u. They could call u a kidnapper and you could be kidnapped.

9) Don’t allow any police or group of people ask u to take one way on the pretext that the road ahead is blocked resulting to a diversion. Its a set up. Law enforcement agent will be hiding at the opposite end. You will be arrested, humiliated and over 100,000 will be collected from or you end up in jail and your car is seized.

10) Never allow Police Men into your vehicle esp if u are stopped at night or in an area that is not too busy.
These so called policemen are fake. If u must, tell them u will have to take a picture of the policeman. His vehicle and particularly his number. Once they refuse. Pls refuse to enter they vehicle. Phone someone who will be listening to your conversation. Pls hope you will pass these information to family and friends. Be warned don’t be a victim.

These are all good tips however, the writer may have stretched a few things too much.. Just be careful, that’s my own.

5. Be Intentional, Start Planning Now

Now’s the time to be intentional about how you want the coming year to be. Where you wanna be and how you want to position yourself.

be intentional

Do you want next year to be better than this year, the same as this year or even worst. Now’s the time to start being intentional, planning and even start doing the things that’ll propel you further in the coming year, I don’t want to mention year lol cause I know this article will still be relevant for many Decembers to come.

Come on, take a leap. Do something. Be intentional. Plan the coming year. Get resources to help you. Talk to people.

In fact let me also mention that it’s not too late to get something major done before the year ends. You just gotta put your mind to it and also plan to go all in the coming year… I believe in you and what you can do a 100% and that’s a fact 🙂

6. Be Healthy

It’s a festive season however some people also manage to get themselves sick.

Might not be that serious at first but don’t wait till it gets to a situation where you’ll start doubting if you’ll be able to eat Christmas chicken or not. I want you to be 100% healthy as this year wraps and I want you going in the new year not 99.9% but at full battery.

If anything is doing you now, get it checked out by a professional and know what to do from there…

This time of the year its dry and hot, cold… I don’t even know what’s up with the weather sef but one thing’s certain… It’s dry and there’s gonna be a lot of dust. Breathing in a lot of these guys could cause you to come down with something and we don’t want that.

So carry an handkerchief, cover your Nose, be careful what you breathe in.

God be with us all.

7. Pray

I’ll wrap this article up with this. Pray. Prayers. Praying.

prayer works

Very crucial ending the year with and going into the new one. I know a number of you guys reading this is not a believer but know this… The fact that you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or work… you know?

If you think you’ve been doing it all by yourself all these past years, I mean navigating through the years then I am sorry for you, please repent for it is not by your power neither is it by your strength nor is it cause you’re so wise, smart or careful (I used to think these three lol).

Now’s the time to buckle up in prayers to end well and go into the new year strong cause well without the lord God in your matter, all those six things up there? Would be pfffffftt…. Wise up 🙂

In Conclusion

I want you to takeaway something important from this post and that’s to “Be Intentional”. You have the power to turn around so many things but how will you when you’re not being serious about the things that needs to be taken serious.. I pray the lord will help us in Jesus name.

Before I go also let me leave you with these small small things that matter:

  • If you’re driving, drive with more caution please.
  • If you go out and always get back late, please do all you can to get back earlier.
  • Please consider eating healthy.
  • Don’t hangout with time wasters, only be with like-minded people who are looking to do something meaningful the coming year.
  • Please pray to God always.
  • Take care of yourself and others around you please.
  • Again, be extra careful with everything…. Please.
  • And finally be intentional.

My prayers and love are with y’all always.

If you have extra tips that’ll better our lives this season, you can share with us using the comment form. This post helped you? Scroll below and leave a comment, lets talk more and do not forget to share 🙂


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