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I know.. I know. It’s being a while since I last published an article on this blog despite promising to run the make money blogging series through the month of May.

I’m sorry, got a lot on my plate, I’m not even sure this blog has a following anymore 😔 (Noticed that? I’m.. As in I am not am sorry)

Which brings us to the main aim of this post.. But first, let me ask, “What is wrong with you people?” Is it laziness (No don’t look at me; This is a thing, To find common apostrophe is an issue for some people) or really just ignorance that makes you say or type stuff like “am coming“, “am going there now“, “am in love with you Rachel” or what exactly?

As Nigerians I understand English is not our father’s language, LMAO… That’s the excuse we give when we’re caught destroying the English vocabulary. I’m not exempted BTW 🌚


I bet if you Examined this post very well you’ll find them embedded one way or the other inside this post as well, Don’t judge me… I’m trying to improve 🙂

But then come on, stop messing small something like “am” and “I am” or “I’m” up… It really pisses us off (We that know the difference). So instead of just bottling up the feelings, locking ’em inside and not tell you how I (we) feel when you type something like “Sorry am late, am on my way” (The feeling is outraged BTW), Not cause you’re not being punctual but because of simple vocabulary.

I’ve decided to do something about it, hence this blog post.

I was going to write an entire epistle on the difference between “Am” and “I’m”

But there’s not much to say at all, in fact…

It seems a couple of people who feels the same way I do have done that so I’m just going to make an image out of what’s exactly in the picture a friend showed me in church when I mentioned I was sick of this “am eating” BS and I was going to do something about it.

So the picture simply is a screenshot he took from another guys social media page and I’m just going to put it here.


To put in text format:

Good afternoon world. “I’m and ”Am” is the topic for today. “I’m” is the contraction of “I am” while “am” is a primary auxiliary verb “to be” like: is, are, was. were, am, be, being and been.

“Am” can’t start a sentence. E.g “Am coming” “Am tired” “Am at your door”.

So please cut the crap, for all our sakes.

Are we clear? Are we? Please lets be 🙂

I’m going to further play my part in spreading this “Am” and “I’m” Difference

Yep, I’m going to go to Facebook and pay those guys $5 to show this post to more people.

It’s high-time, The thing is reached my throat and if it has reached yours.. Play your own part and share this post. If you’re going to download the images in this post and share it on your social media page, it’s fine.

Lets just cut this crap.

Drops mic,

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