So I’ve been dreading the creation this page even before I decided to go all in and create this blog.

Not because I don’t want or have anything to write about me, It’s just that I want it to be so epic, detailed and revealing (In the sense that it describes me perfectly in a humorous, detailed yet simple way).

Infact as planned in my head 🤔, I wasn’t supposed to start writing this page not until after two days of not getting water inside my hair then rubbing about three different soaps and cream to make it all nice and curly then go to the studio looking all fresh and smooth to get some shots taken for this Journey.

But you know what? Screw it 😜!

I don’t think I’m ever doing that to my hair however I did go to the studio, yuck… I don’t like this photo.

I look too serious but who’s fault is that?

Anyways welcome and thanks for making an effort to learn more about me.

Abel babalola

I probably encouraged that.

So my name is Abel Babalola and this is my personal blog. I guess by now you already know where the “imthatBabs” came from. Yep, right from my surname.

I’ve spent the past few years living and mostly learning.

Just like every other human on the planet, the thing is just that on this side of the world…

Those two things are quite difficult especially if you’re not born with that spoon they call silver spoon as you have to experience those the hard way.

Life eh 😪?

Eitherways it’s been all good. I am gaining more speed and control by the day. Getting stronger and stronger.

I’m just 22 and in my final year at school, can’t wait to be done.

Apart from learning school, I use the internet alot, using it to solve almost every challenge I encounter in almost all areas of my life including girl problems and financial issues.

I write, design both websites (mostly blogs) and graphics. Authored a few blogs.

Some now dead, some failed but still alive and some quite successful.. Just a-bit successful but I’ve learned a lot.

You may be wondering, “How come I have never heard of any of your blog Babs?” That’s because most of them are internationally focused.

I believe that’s where the money is, and I don’t just believe so. I know so cause I’ve had my taste of it.

I had originally started this blog as a way to keep track of my progress as I have just moved to the next phase of my life but It’s not just about me, It’s also infact mostly about you.

I’ll be sharing stuff on Business. Thoughts. Lifestyle. More that you’ll find very useful. Useful I tell you.

  • Business: How to make money online, becoming a better blogger, how to make more sales and more. I know about branding, social media, getting traction online. Where to find your audience, how to get it right online, where to be, what time to be… The list is endless.
  • Thoughts: Nothing yet on that but I’ve been told (by myself) that I do have some very interesting thoughts and I’m more than happy to share them with you.
  • Lifestyle: Hacks, wellness stuff, fashion… Oh you have no idea what’s coming.

I’m very vast with those three. I’ve written articles that got more than 200k shares, I’ve sold countless copies of affiliated weight loss products to people I don’t even know across the world, My articles have gone viral on Pinterest, Flipboard, Twitter and StumbleUpon. I’ve imported goods from China to resell here in Nigeria 💪🏾💪🏾 .

I’ve been published in famous website and featured on a few popular places on the internet. As for thoughts, I’ve been able to get myself to make some very good decisions via critical thinking.

I’ve been called in several times by friends who need inputs on some very serious stuff. Done things that make people go like “Wawu” even though some of them are shitty, that wow factor still gets me :p

As for lifestyle… You’re in for a treat.

I should stop writing now before boredom kicks in. As time goes by, you’ll get to learn a lot more about me. I promise to do my best and provide you with the best material to read on this blog and a takeaway all the time. Almost all the time 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.

If you need to get in touch with me, Please go here.